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Character Analysis- Explanation of Imagery

Joshua's main characteristic is his easygoing nature. He generally handles life calmly and accomplishes much with seemingly little effort. When Joshua was an infant, a family friend had a T-shirt custom made with the words "Casual Kid". The name stuck and so did the personality trait.

Joshua was raised in a family of two faiths, a Christian mother and a Jewish father. This resulted in Joshua having a greater understanding and acceptance of all faiths and a great sense of spirituality. The bible and the Jewish "kai" represents Joshua's spiritualism.

When Josh was a young man of 17, he handmade a birthday card for his mother with this heart and a sweet message inside. This perfectly reflects his thoughtfulness, sense of family, and his very loving nature.

Josh is an athlete and has always been involved in several sports. His health and athleticism is represented by a "Game Ball" awarded him at one of his little league baseball games.

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